At Automotive Component Solutions (ACS), we specialise in the test and repair of automotive electronic control units (ECUs) using custom built test rigs which emulate real life vehicle conditions. Testing can be carried out on components from the vehicle including ABS (antilock braking systems), body control modules (BCM), engine ECUs and EPS (electronic power steering). We aim to offer a lower cost alternative solution to purchasing a new component from the dealer. If we cannot repair your component, we may be able to transfer the coding from your old component to a replacement one.

We offer a 3 month warranty on all repairs.

Our current turnaround time is 2-3 working days.

Any queries such as those relating to our testing capabilities, specific components which can be tested or prices can be emailed to:

Visit our eBay shop at:

Our Process:

  1. Remove the component you would like testing from the vehicle and safely package it for shipping.
  2. Complete the online booking form or alternatively, purchase the test & repair product directly on our website and send the component to us. Instructions on how to send your parcel will be emailed once the form/checkout has been completed.
  3. We will test the component for the reported fault. If any faults are found and a repair is possible, you will be informed before we carry out any repair work. Payment for any test/repair is required once work has been completed. All payments are to be made through PayPal.
  4. Once the test/repair has been completed, the component will be safely packaged and shipped.

Warranty Terms & Conditions:

The 3 month warranty applied to repaired components covers the repaired carried out by us only. This means if the module was to fail in the same way again within a 3 month period, we would repair the component again free of charge (excluding shipping costs).