BMW Mk100 Testing & Repair


Test and repair service for BMW Mk100 ABS module.

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Internal component failures within the BMW Mk100 ABS module can cause brake callipers to bind or even be completely inoperable. The ABS module may store fault codes internally relating to DSC adjustment or even water in brake fluid. Vehicle safety can be affected when these failures occur as brakes may not operate as intended. This type of ABS module is found on many BMW vehicles built between 2010 to 2018.

Part numbers of affected Mk100 ABS modules include:

34516868645 / 34516870919 / 34516875817 / 34516871113 / 34516881174 / 34516875562 / 34516887744 / 34516887513 / 34516891615

Vehicles which the affected Mk100 ABS modules can be found fitted to include:

  • BMW 1 series 2010-2018 (F20, F20 LCI, F21, F21 LCI)
  • BMW 2 series 2012-2017 (F22)
  • BMW 3 series 2011-2016 (F30, F31, F34 GT, F35)
  • BMW 4 series 2012-2017 (F32, F33, F36 Gran Coupe)

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